The Illusion Of Death

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Our time on earth is only a second compared to the actual existence of our soul. We are all part of a greater story. When a loved one dies we feel a loss and a separation, but in reality his or her thoughts, teachings, laughter, and very essence lives on through the people whose lives have been touched.

The human body is a costume that best fits the character that we are here to play in this story we call life. When this story is over we move out of our costume and enter the next realm. Spirit views death as an illusion. There is no beginning or end of life to spirit. I love the quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We were all one with God, and through the lesson we are experiencing on earth we will find our way back. Maybe it will take many lifetimes but we will take this journey together.

A medium helps heal the living not only by sharing messages from spirit, but also by providing evidence that death is an illusion. Personal details provide reassurance that their loved one is safe and at peace. We are reminded of a bit of their personality, a joke, a favorite material object and even a bit of a compulsion that they held on earth. These words communicated to you bring you assurance that your loved one is not lost.

Things To Remember:

If your loved one has died, allow yourself time to grieve.
There is no time limit on grief.

Your loved one will be waiting for you when your cross over, and they will not reincarnate without you.

Your loved one is near even if you can’t feel his or her presence. There are times when the signs are abundant and other times when they are few and far in between. Your loved one’s soul is also on a journey, even after death, so they are working on their own understandings. They may also be asked to take a step back so you can learn your earth lessons. Remember this is temporary and eventually the signs will be back.

Death is an illusion, we continue to live in a parallel universe.

You signed up for this experience as part of your soul’s growth. The lesson: Death is the end of physical body but it is not the end of your relationship.

Your loved one wants you to be at peace and find joy in your life.

Your loved one is at peace and in a realm of love.