The Illusion Of Death-part 2

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When we die it is not an end or a beginning, it is the continuation of our soul.I believe that once in the beginning of time we had a chance to live in harmony with all life. Some call it the Garden of Eden, I call it the land of Lemuria. Lemuria was a highly spiritually evolved place. Everyone who lived in Lemuria was connected to their higher selves. There was no divide between life and death. The Lemurians knew exactly where their souls had originated. Their connection with the Source, or God, never separated.

In our world, as we know it today, we have separated from our Source. Instead of living life as one with spirit we try to control it. We were taught certain expectations on ways to live our lives and when we fall short of those expectations or life takes different turn we feel a loss of control and find ourselves facing despair. We forget the directions our angel whispered in our ears before our birth but most of all we have lost our connection to spirit.

Unfortunately we are born without any memory of our true life in the spiritual world. Now it is like starting over with the belief that our birth was our beginning. This is far from true. We existed long before this life. We shared this existence with those we love and will continue to do so long after this lifetime.

When your grief becomes unbearable, remember your loved one is not lost. He or she may be gone from your physical world, but has transitioned into another dimension and in this dimension your souls are still connected. After the death of my brother, my mother was paralyzed with grief. My brother came to her in a dream to help ease her pain. He told her that death was just like being here, and that he was always near. My mother’s dream of communication helped her start her long journey to heal.