I had an amazing session last month that I would like to share with you. One of the services I offer is going to the bedside of those who are dying. With my ability to see the spirit world I can help the dying find peace in the death process and help the family understand what is happening in the other dimension. When one is getting ready to die there is preparation for the soul at the time of death. When we see the dying body struggle it is not usually because of physical pain but instead of the soul releasing life.
Doreen called me because her husband Ted started screaming “No” and grabbing towards the ceiling. Doreen became scared. Ted had been ill for over a year but within the last month he became bed ridden and slowly became unresponsive. Doreen knew the end was near and wanted him to go peacefully. He became very still and his breath was labored Doreen found the courage to say goodbye but instead of dying, he became agitated and started screaming. He would stop for a while and again start screaming, “No”. He was given more medication, but even in his drowsy state he still screamed. Doreen thought of me because she had met me at a message circle and knew of my services with the dying. She called me the next day. I told her not to give him any extra medication and I would be there right away. I was sure it was the spirit world that was trying to communicate with him.
When I arrived I witnessed him screaming and grabbing towards the ceiling. I told Doreen there was a spirit of a young boy standing very close to him, and Ted kept screaming and grabbing at him. I asked her if she knew the boy. I told her that he looked as if he was around nine years old when he died. Doreen started to cry. Her son was eleven when he died. He and his friends were climbing on the roof of a building and he fell and died from his injuries. Ted had never spoken of him because is he blamed himself for his son’s death. When I asked the boy to explain the problem his father was having he told me, “My dad does not understand that I am here to take him home, but instead, he is trying to stop me from falling. I told the boy not to worry because we would help his dad understand.
Doreen gently took Ted’s hands and told him their son was safe and had come to take him to Heaven. She said, “You must go to the light with our son. One day I will join you both.” She repeated this throughout the night. Ted died peacefully the next day.
Dying is not always as it seems. There is a deeper vision. We as humans fear death and perceive it as a painful transition. Most of the time at the end of life the person is not aware of the physical feelings any longer, but instead, is concentrating on the spirit world around them.