Marianne Michaels

A New Year Of Self Love

Many of us have gone through hardships in the past few years, and we look to the new year with an expectation of a new beginning. In my experience the new year’s beginning has not been my answer. No matter how many resolutions or expectations I have put on myself not one has ever made me happy. Instead I have… Read more →

Holiday In Spirit

According to the mystical tradition, Christ is a symbol of love, which is borne into the world through each of us. I was taught by spirit that we hold this unconditional love at birth. As we go through our life, we are asked to open our hearts and choose love. As we make our hearts a true channel for love,… Read more →


I had an amazing session last month that I would like to share with you. One of the services I offer is going to the bedside of those who are dying. With my ability to see the spirit world I can help the dying find peace in the death process and help the family understand what is happening in the… Read more →


Many times my clients speak of regrets regarding the end of life of their loved one. There are many emotions when the tragedy of death comes into our lives. We start to second guess the decisions that were made. “I allowed the doctors to put her on life support against her will”, or “I should have put her on life… Read more →

The Illusion Of Death

Our time on earth is only a second compared to the actual existence of our soul. We are all part of a greater story. When a loved one dies we feel a loss and a separation, but in reality his or her thoughts, teachings, laughter, and very essence lives on through the people whose lives have been touched. The human… Read more →

Color Of Energy

Years ago when I first started giving readings, I did not start out as a medium. I evolved into that role. I began working with my spirit guide Heik in doing spiritual readings. I wanted to help people meet their angels and spirit guides so they could understand their path on Earth. I was working with a older woman who asked… Read more →


I have been asked many times by my clients, “Is my loved one happy in Heaven?” The response that I get from spirit is almost always the same “I am at peace.” What I have come to understand is that here on Earth happiness is fleeting, As humans we become addicted to this euphoric feeling, and we are in a… Read more →

Souls Are Connected

One of the things that I enjoy is to give messages at a messages circle. I appreciate how people open their homes to the spirits, to those who are grieving and to me by hosting this circle. During a message circle a woman asked me if I saw the spirit of a baby. As I stared deeply into the spirit world… Read more →

Heaven and Hell

I was raised to believe in Hell but throughout my life, and learning from my work, I came to a belief that there is no world beneath the earth where you burn for eternity. Even the most troubled soul does not end in a burning flame but through universal love is healed and rises as the Phoenix: To start a… Read more →