Marianne Michaels is one of the nation’s most respected and dedicated spiritualists. Her work helping people to communicate directly with their loved ones on the other side and to reconcile their lives after loss is redefining the traditional role of the spiritual medium.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Marianne’s deeply cultural and tightly knit Italian family instilled a belief system that became the catalyst for her successful career. “Every time I told my mother that I was visited by someone in a dream, she made me go through the family photo album to see if I could recognize the person. My intuitive gift was accepted and nurtured in the home,” says Marianne.

However, Marianne’s early life was not without tragedy. When she was just five years old, her older brother died in a boat accident. It was that profound moment that started her on the path to her calling. Everything her mother had taught her about spirits became the little girl’s focus, and she not only developed her ability to communicate with her brother but also became a source of strength for her family. Years later, as an adult, fate and circumstance led Marianne to train with the legendary Suzanne Northrup and to embark on her journey as a professional medium.

Marianne’s compassion, honesty and deep commitment to continually sharpen her abilities catapulted her to the top of her discipline. Soon Marianne was living in a tranquil little town in Pennsylvania, building her business by conducting astonishing one-on-one sessions. The community was quick to embrace her and she soon found herself teaching spirituality and intuition both privately and publicly. Once she began teaching at the Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, word of her amazing capabilities spread quickly. As her reputation and student roster grew, so did the need to get her innovative form of mediumship out to a larger audience. Her book, A Second Chance to Say Goodbye, was born.

Marianne’s students describe her as an outstanding medium and writer whose compassion and honesty come through with every word; they consider her polite, concise and informative and find that she truly lives as she speaks and is a never-ending source of inspiration. From her platform as an educator, Marianne has been able to create a following of over 500 individuals in under two years.

Marianne is currently conducting her landmark workshop, A Second Chance To Say Goodbye: A Clinical and Spiritual Journey. This workshop gives participants the emotional and psychological support to work through their path of grief and the spiritual techniques to access and develop their own intuitive ability to communicate with their loved ones. Marianne’s workshop brings hope and healing to countless people and is changing the customary functions of the medium by giving friends and family members of those who have crossed over the opportunity to directly contact their passed loved ones.

She also works with the terminally ill and their families to prepare them mentally and spiritually. She provides them with understanding and acceptance of the changes that will take place as death approaches.

Marianne is a practicing Buddhist and has had the good fortune to mentor under Thich Nhat Hanh; she continually hones her art by attending retreats and classes.

A sought-after speaker, Marianne lectures on life after death at churches, conferences and seminars and is currently at work on her second book.