Clair shares her story:

I want to validate a message that you gave to me in a recent message circle. You told me my mother wanted me to enjoy her Christmas dishes. My mother died 9 years ago and I did not remember having her dishes. This week I was up in the attic going through Christmas decoration and I noticed boxes that were thrown in the back. Something told me to crawl back and pull out the old boxes. I followed my intuition and found my mother’s Christmas dishes and many more treasures. I was so upset when she died that I packed her things up so fast with out paying much attention. I was so nice to look inside the boxes. The dishes triggered my memory of the holidays with my mother. I will set my table with the dishes on Christmas and know that my mother is with me.

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barb_and_nickThis is my son and me, blissfully unaware that we only had a few more years together. We lost him in a stupid, tragic accident when he was 20 years old. He was the light and love of my life. He was also my best friend. When we lost him, I just wanted to die, hoping I could be with him again. I contemplated suicide several times. For someone who was scared to death of dying and what (if anything) followed death, this was an act of desperation to be with my son again.

About one year later, I was introduced to Marianne, and my work with her has been the ONLY thing that has helped me deal with Nick’s death. Through Marianne I was able to get messages from Nick and finally realized through the conversations between Marianne and Nick that there is truly something after we die.

As a student of Marianne, I am learning how to deal with what is left of my life. Although still deeply depressed, I do get some joy from knowing that Nick is still with me, and I have actually begun to speak to him myself! When this first happened I was overjoyed! I have also learned that my father, who passed away in January, 2006, is OK too and has been reunited with Nick — my father literally died from a broken heart.

I am truly indebted to Marianne: She has been not only my friend and teacher, but also my salvation. Without her my I would still be in a very, very dark place. Thank you, Marianne, I never would have progressed this far without you.

With love,
Barb, Pennsylvania

anita_and_vicA session with Marianne gave me comfort in knowing that Vic understood the depths of my grief. I went on to take a workshop with Marianne and am now able to communicate with Vic myself.

Anita Curtis, Pennsylvania

patricia_and_billyMarianne Michaels’ Life Coaching has helped me cope with the loss of my love, Billy Crosby. Marianne helped me let Billy go and move on with life.

How does someone cope with life after the passing of a loved one? It is hard to handle life when we are consumed with death. Everyone says in time it will get better. But time doesn’t happen fast enough: Time stood still for me while everything else was moving as if my life had stopped, and I was lost in the world of the living.

We who grieve have to get back to our lives because that is what we are meant to do. Marianne helped me understand that death is not the end. It is a new beginning for our loved ones. But our sorrow does not let us understand because we are consumed with sorrow, grief and guilt. Marianne has helped me to understand that they are still with us, ALWAYS…

Patricia O’Connor, New Jersey

Testimonials – Animal Companions

monteMarianne helped connect me with my beloved beagle Monte whose sudden passing left me feeling paralyzed with grief and in need of answers. I had been crying and moping around for weeks wondering “Did he suffer?” “Why did he leave me so suddenly?” “Could I have done anything differently? “Will he be coming back to me?” Then I realized, I didn’t have to continue wondering. I could get my answers if I just asked the right person. Not only did Marianne provide answers, but she did so with wonderful kindness and understanding. The details she provided deepened my belief in the process and provided some much needed laughter and positive reflection. I came away from our session feeling lighter, happier and more hopeful — and wishing I had contacted Marianne a few weeks earlier.

One of the lighter moments of our session — Marianne talked about how Monte had gotten a kick out of “stealing the cakes”. I could not really pinpoint that comment but as soon as I got off the phone from the session, I realized exactly what Monte was referring to. We would often put Monte in my husband’s pickup truck when I was cleaning the house or if we had construction going on because the loud noises scared him. Well, my husband is a closet junk foodie and would keep a stash of Tasty Cakes or coffee cakes in the side panels and storage compartments of his truck. Invariably, we’d open the truck to find Monte licking the last crumbs of some goodie he found while hanging out in Dad’s truck.

Shelly Carrick

A few years ago I had to surrender my cat Libby to the Humane Society because my new landlord did not allow pets. It was a difficult thing to do, but I had no choice. Since then I have often wondered what happened to her and how she was. That is until I was at a message circle with Marianne. She had a message from Libby that she was on the other side and was well. I was upset at first that she had died, but having been at several message circles with Marianne where other pets had come through with messages for their humans, I knew the message was real and that Libby was with her favorite human, my late husband. This knowledge has helped me greatly. Thank you, Marianne!

Barbara Mattos
Pittston, Pennsylvania


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pass on a quick story to you about animal grief. I have known Marianne for many years. She has just told me she is expanding her services to include helping people connect with pets who have passed so she could help people with that particular grieving process. For many people, grieving for a pet can be even more devastating than grieving for a human relative or friend, because a pet’s love is unconditional always. Especially for people that live alone. I came out to California 6 years ago, and it was just me and my little chihuahua “Tinkerbell” who was about 10 years old at the time. I was quite lonely out here and did not know a soul, except for some long lost relatives that lived some good 3 hours from me, whom I was never close with. I have a condition called chronic Fibromyalgia and coming to a dryer, warmer climate was a necessary move for me, besides a bad marriage. It was difficult adapting and making new friends. So my girl Tinkerbell was my one and only friend that got me through thick and thin.

Within the four next years, I managed to meet a great guy and things started to look a bit brighter. But my disorder became a problem for me and sometimes I was at home in bed for weeks at a time. Tinkerbell was always next to me like velcro. She got me through my darkest hours. I don’t know what I could have done without her.

Time went on and by the age of 15 she started to get a bit lathargic. I took her to the vet and she told me Tinkerbell’s kidneys were failing. I was told I could give her infusion therapy at home, but sticking a needle in her every day to get the fluids to flush her kidneys was a painful ordeal for her. She was so sore from getting injections that she could not lay on her body. I decided that I had to give her a voice and let her go out of my life with some dignity. She really had no quality of life.

After I made the ultimate decision, I felt incredible loss, but I know she was out of pain. I had a conversation with Marianne and she told me Tinkerbell was definitely ready to go. She also said that I would have a new dog coming into my life within the next six to eight months, but this dog would find me. A few months went by and in the town where I lived, there was a pet rescue area set up in front of the pet store I use.

I stopped and saw some small dogs for adoption, and most of them were of mixed breed. I saw a dark brown female there with the sweetest expression on her face. She looked at me as if she could see my soul. I signed up on the list to adopt her, but the head of the group said there were people ahead of me for her, but she would let me know. A few weeks later, I got a phone call from the rescue telling me that they could not properly place the dog in a home because of children issues, and she needed a quiet environment. I did not expect to hear from these people, but I’m glad I did. Her name is “Minnie”, and she seems to be a chihauhua cross of some kind.

She came to my home and took over for Tinkerbell as if Tinkerbell had never left. Same personality, habits and temperament. Way too simular. I talked to Marianne and she said Tinkerbell’s soul did what is called a “walk in”. This is when one animal from the spirit world takes over the life of an animal in the physical, and that the other soul leaves the animal and evolves to the astral plane.

Marianne told me that Tinkerbell had to come back to me because she feels her time with me was not completed. That could be the only explanation. It sounds crazy, but it did happen. Either way, our pets never leave us; whether they come back to us on the earth plane or when we pass, we will always be united. I thank Marinne for that second chance of prolonging my goodbye to my wonderfull “Tinkey”. I’m sure she can do the same for you.

All the best,
Cathy White