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As a child I would go to my bedroom and sit quietly to wait for visits from spirits. At first I did not know who they were, but their visits felt completely natural and did not frighten me. I described these visitors to my mother and she recognized them as family members who had passed on. She acted as if this was quite normal, so I never thought much of it. It was like having any other guest drop by. I am convinced that many children see spirits but are told by their parents that it is simply their imagination. This attitude teaches them to ignore it. Most of my mother’s family experience psychic events at one time or another so it was a comfortable topic that could be discussed easily around our house. Therefore, I did not shut myself off to the spirits and they continued to talk to me because I continued to listen. But when your loved one has crossed over to the other side you now have the need to listen. I believe everyone has the ability to receive messages from their loved ones on the other side. Death does not part you; it just transforms your relationship. The work I do is not just for my clients but also for the spirits on the other side. They have so much to say but we don’t take the time to listen. They want to comfort us, share their joy with us and guide us. We as humans must learn to quiet our minds and let their messages be heard. Communicating with spirit can help heal your grief.

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